How We "Payoff" HELOCs, 2nds, Jumbo 1st - Everything! We make the lender an all cash offer they can't refuse!


You Stop Paying HELOCS or 2nd, Jumbo 1st because they END completely as they are  cancelled when we buy your  notes or loans from your lender with The New Residential Back Flip® strategy - every time!

NOTE:  All loans must be with the same lender in order for us to do this short pay strategy because the lender can only sell any loans they have made. 
You will have to obtain a "settlement" of the 2nd or HELOC beforehand.

For this to work at the bank you have to be technically in default. That's either underwater by 10 to 20% or behind in payments or both. Here's how much you have to be underwater. If your total loans are $1 million and over you need a loan to value or LTV of 110%. If your loans are less than $1 million but more than $500,000 you need 115% LTV. And if under $500,000 you need 120% LTV.  The percents can be more but not less than shown.

If you're behind in payments affecting your credit score and you are under 680 score you may need a temporary bridge loan until your credit is repaired and you have a new track record. If your credit score is 680 or higher you could get a new 30-year loan from our bank or your choice of banks.  There is a program available to determine if you can qualify for that loan.

If you decide to go forward with this we will need a appraisal by a FHA Certified appraiser and a three bureau credit report with scores from each. You will also have to complete a new application for the loan and there is documentation to sign.  We need your authorization to talk to the lender about your loan and you may have legal expenses to obtain and restructure the loan, etc.,which would be detailed on the closing statement.  The only upfront cost or what you risk is for the appraisal for the bank and the credit report.  You can say no to going further at anytime until the new loan is closed.

What will you save by our stategy?  About one-third to 40% of your loan debt. See the loan example below.


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